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Discover our diverse menu, showcasing a symphony of flavors and ingredients, expertly crafted to satisfy every palate. Explore our culinary journey.


Begin your culinary adventure with our tantalizing appetizers, each a delightful introduction to the extraordinary flavors of The  Xunantunich Restaurant & Café.

Served with crispy corn tortilla chips.

Shrimp $18, Conch (Seasonal) $20, Lobster (Seasonal) $24, Mixed (2 options) $27

Served with crispy corn tortilla chips, topped with homemade cheese dip, pico de gallo, corn kernel, diced cucumber, sliced jalapeños, drizzled with sour cream and salsa verde.

Chicken $16, Pork $18, Beef Nachos $19, Shrimp $24

Shrimp Plantain Tostones: $20.00

Six sautéed shrimp, refried beans, pico de gallo, crumbled queso blanco, drizzled with house-made salsa verde and sour cream.

Cheese Sticks - $10.00

Served with marinara sauce.

Stuffed Jalapeños - $12.00

Served with ranch dressing.

Wings Basket - $15.00

FLAVOURS: Spicy Mango, Honey BBQ Cola, Sweet & Sour, Sweet Chili, Honey Mustard, Spicy BBQ, Buffalo (Spicy & Sour), Pineapple Jalapeño, Lemon Pepper.

Potato Bruschetta

Six potato chips topped with refried beans, pico de gallo, crumbled queso blanco, drizzled with house-made salsa verde and sour cream. Chicken $16, Shrimp $20

Soups and Traditional Belizean Dishes:

All soups are served with white rice or handmade corn tortillas.

Chicken Escabeche $14, Fish Escabeche $20/$25, Cow Foot Soup $15, Black Soup $15, Sopa de Marisco (sea food soup) $28, Duo or Trio Sere $30/$38 (Fish, shrimp, seasonal: conch or lobster)

Our Menu

Indulge in our mouthwatering main courses, where culinary artistry meets exceptional flavors, creating memorable moments with every savory bite.

Rice & Beans: Traditional rice and beans, coleslaw, fried plantain, and onion sauce.

Chicken $12, Pork $14, Beef $15

Pork Pibil - $14.00

Shredded pork meat, pico de gallo, onion sauce, salsa verde and handmade corn tortillas.

Baskets: Deep fried until golden brown, accompanied by sweet chili sauce or ranch served with fries and garden salad

Shrimp Basket $24, Chicken Fingers $15, Fish Fingers $20

Burgers: Homemade burger buns topped with cheese, onion, tomato, pickles, and lettuce. Served with French Fries.

Chicken $15, Beef $17, Hawaiian $22, Breaded Fish $24

Sandwiches: Served with French Fries.

Club Sandwich $22, Juicy grilled chicken breast, ham, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles on homemade bread. Ham & Cheese $15, Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles

Seafood & Grilled Steaks:

Blackened Fish Fillet $28, Pan seared fish fillet topped with white wine, garlic butter, and fresh chopped cilantro, served with two sides of the day. Coconut Shrimp $28, Deep Fried breaded coconut shrimp, served with two sides of the day. Honey Shrimp Sirracha $30.00, Sautéed shrimp, onion, sweet pepper, tossed on a tangy honey garlic Sriracha sauce and served with two sides of the day. Caribbean Fried Fish: $20, $28, $30, Deep whole fried fish, served with coleslaw, fried plantain, onion sauce, and two sides of the day.

Baby Back Ribs - $40.00

Grilled Baby Back Ribs, glazed with Belikin/Stout sauce or any other sauce of your choice. Served with two sides of the day.

Local Free Range Beef Tenderloin 8oz - $38.00

Grilled beef tenderloin topped with fresh strawberry red wine sauce. Served with two sides of the day.

Grilled Pork Chops - $30.00

Two pieces of tender grilled pork chops topped with our signature BBQ honey cola or pineapple jalapeño sauce, served with two sides of the day.

Arrachera Steak - $35.00

Marinated steak grilled and topped with onion and bell pepper, plantain tostones, re-fried beans and sides of the day.

Porter House T-Bone Steak - $42.00

Marinated Portal House Steak glazed with a red strawberry wine sauce. Served with two sides of the day.

Surf & Turf - $38, $40, $49

Grilled pork, shrimp, (lobster-seasonal), chicken or beef served with sauce of your choice and two sides of the day. 

Salads & Pasta

Fresh salads and delectable pasta dishes for your palate’s delight.


Chef’s House Salad

Local farmer’s vegetables and mix greens.

Classic Cobb Salad - $16.00

Local greens topped with crispy bacon, Belizean homemade cheese, boiled eggs, and corn kernel.

Stone Woman “Xunantunich” Salad - $18.00

Corn kernel, julienne onion, sweet pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, queso fresco, in a homemade pesto. Topped with the option of: Chicken $4, Sliced Ham $5.00, Shrimp $7, Fish $9.00. Vinaigrette: Mango Vinaigrette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Ranch Dressing.

Pastas: All pastas are served with Garlic Toast Bread
Pasta a la Bolognese - $24.00

Ground beef tossed in marinara sauce.

Marinara Pasta - $24.00

Marinara sauce tossed in pasta topped with grilled chicken.

Chicken Alfredo Pasta - $24.00

Creamy Alfredo Sauce tossed in pasta, onion and sweet pepper, topped with grilled chicken.

Shrimp Alfredo Pasta - $28.00

Creamy Alfredo sauce tossed in pasta, topped with shrimp, julienne onion, and sweet pepper.

Chicken Scampi - $24.00

Sautéed chicken with onion and tomatoes, with garlic butter glazed in white wine.

Shrimp Scampi - $28.00

Sautéed shrimp with onion and tomatoes, with garlic butter glazed in white wine. 

Tacos: Order of 3 Tacos

Sautéed meat in onions and sweet pepper. Served with freshly handmade corn tortilla, pico de gallo, drizzled with sour cream, and salsa verde. Chicken $15, Beef $16, Shrimp $19, Pork (Shredded) $15.


Grilled Smoked meat in lime-marinated onions, tomatoes, and cilantro. Served with crispy corn tortillas. Chicken $18, Pork $20, and Beef $24.


Homemade flour tortilla, stuffed with cheese, julienne onion, sweet pepper, and your choice of meat. Served with pico de gallo, and sour cream. Chicken $15, Beef $18, Shrimp $22.


Meat/s of your choice sautéed in pineapple teriyaki sauce, onion, and sweet pepper, served with a fresh flour tortilla, accompanied with re-fried beans, pico de gallo, and sour cream.  Chicken $16, Beef $19, Surf & Turf $26, Cielo, Mar y Tierra (TRIO) $35.

Pizza, Drinks & Shakes

Delicious pizzas, refreshing drinks, and indulgent shakes await your enjoyment.

Pizzas: All pizzas are 12 inches with 8 slices.

Cheese Pizza $23, Cheese and Pepperoni $25, Hawaiian Pizza $27, Margherita Pizza $25, Meat Lover’s Pizza $33, Shrimp Pizza $35, Lobster Pizza (Seasonal) $38, Chicken BBQ Pizza $28.00, Xunan Special Vegetarian Pizza $28.00.

Half and Half (Price Ranges depending on your meat choice)

Natural Drinks:

Ginger, Lime & Honey $8, Orange $7, Watermelon $6, Lime $6, Sorrel $6, Pineapple $6, Homemade Horchata $7, Strawberry Orange $10, Strawberry Lemonade $9, Cucumber Lemonade $8, Chia Cucumber Lemon Mint $8, Melon $6, Tamarind $6, Mango $6, Soursop $6 (seasonal).


Papaya $8, Melon $8, Pineapple $8, Banana $8, Strawberry $10, Chocolate $8, Mix Shake $10, Protein Shake $12.


Oreo $9.75, Strawberry $11, Mocha $9, Caramel $9, Double Chocolate Chips $9, Vanilla $9.


The Xunantunich Restaurant, where Culinary Artistry Meets Tradition. Join Us for a Remarkable Dining Experience.
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