About Us

At The Xunantunich Restaurant & Café, we blend culinary innovation with cultural heritage, creating a dining experience that celebrates tradition, flavors, and memorable moments.

Our Story

The Xunantunich Restaurant

“The Right Place You Chose to Dine”

The Xunantunich Restaurant & Café is a Belizean-owned restaurant. Established in 2020 by a lovely young lady Ms. Lisbet. The name was derived from the beautiful archeological site “Xunantunich” which means (Stone Woman or Maiden of the Rock).

The Xunantunich Restaurant & Café welcomes you to a new way of dining; with Fresh Belizean and international Food, Coffees, Homemade Ice Creams, and Desserts – all in one beautiful and relaxing atmosphere.  

Good Vibes

On any occasion, our restaurant offers a warm ambiance.

Cozy Place

Make every visit heartwarming and memorable.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Let our atmosphere transports you to a place where history meets modern comfort.

Meet The Team

Our dedicated team at The Xunantunich Restaurant brings passion and expertise to every dish, ensuring a memorable culinary journey for our guests.

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